Automate your visual

quality control 

using machine learning

Manual inspections are often slow, inconsistent and untracable

deepatom helps you improve your quality control


Digitize, Connect and Optimize the Physical Reality

Pixel 576

Deep learning powered computer vision system


We have developed a cutting-edge computer vision system called Pixel that enhances the effectiveness of human quality control operators. Pixel can be trained by quality control experts and improves continually. Pixel can detect, locate and classify defects on components that the system has never seen before. 

Unlike other machine vision solutions, Pixel does not use template matching to detect defects but instead relies on proven machine learning algorithms to identify manufacturing defects.

Pixel combines consistent quality control with unparalleled traceability and consistency. The systems abilities can be further amplified with intelligent filtering mechanisms and user-centric software  integrations. Pixel is therefore, the comprehensive visual quality control solution for Industry 4.0. 

  • Automate & Accelerate your Quality Control

  • Digitize Quality Reports


AI-driven defect prediction


Your data is extremely valuable. Astro is a tool that assists data-heavy manufacturers to discover the predictive capability hidden in their data.


Fueled by your historical production and quality data our AI will be able to guide your production team to determine the products that have a high risk of having subsurface defects. These products can be taken aside for further inspection to optimize the quality control process.

  • Predict unseen defects

  • Detect a bad batch



AI-driven process parameter optimization


Large scale industrial environments have a major focus on optimization. Although most of the processes are very well monitored by individual operators, major breakthroughs in this field are very scarce. Using all the available IOT data, Helio optimizes the entire production process end-to-end, finding global efficiency gains that humans simply can’t find in such a vast digital landscape.


Helio is an AI enabled collaborative recommendation tool that assists data-heavy manufacturers and its production team to discover the insights hidden in their data to optimize the production processes.

Helio delivers full visibility and traceability across your production processes and uses your historical data pool and network of connected devices to create an AI powered intelligent feedback loop that optimizes the quality and yield of your production processes in real-time.


Fueled by your historical production and quality data our AI will be able to guide your production team to eliminate defects, rework and scrap.


  • All-encompassing optimization

  • Defect reduction