Digitize, connect and optimize the physical reality for industrial environments

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About Deepatom

Deepatom aims to digitize, connect and optimize the physical reality for industrial environments by developing specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions for industry that are intuitively embedded into the operational processes and the Internet of Things (IoT) system through a simple user-centered interface and a hybrid IoT infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Pixel 576


Deepatom has developed a cutting-edge computer vision system called Pixel 576 that can be trained by industry experts and improves continually. Pixel 576 can detect, locate and classify objects and characters of interest with near perfect accuracy

Unlike other machine vision solutions, Pixel 576 does not use template matching but instead relies on proven machine learning algorithms to identify, classify and localize objects and characters of interest.

Pixel 576 is powered by a state of the art deep learning powered computer vision system that combines visual classification and localization with unparalleled traceability and consistency. Pixel 576 can be seamlessly integrated into your system and processes to optimize the performance of your system. The abilities of the Pixel 576 are further amplified with intelligent filtering mechanisms and user-centered software integrations.

  • Automate visual inspections and reports

  • Optimize operations through an  intelligent feedback loop to the operators




Problems in industrial settings are common and can be incredibly critical and can occur spontaneously without prior notice at a time that is very suboptimal.


Your data is extremely valuable and can help avoid unnecessary downtime. Astro is a tool that assists data-heavy industrial system operators to discover the predictive capability hidden in their data.


Fueled by your historical production and operational data our AI will be able to guide your production team to predict potential problems in the processes.

  • Predict production problems

  • Eliminate unplanned downtime

  • Optimize your maintenance plan




Large scale industrial environments have a major focus on optimization and automation.


Although most of the processes are very well understood and monitored by individual operators, major breakthroughs in industrial environments are very scarce. Using all the available data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Helio optimizes the entire production process end-to-end, finding global efficiency gains that humans simply can’t find in such a vast digital landscape.


Helio is an AI-enabled collaborative recommendation tool that assists data-heavy industrial facilities and its production team to discover the insights hidden in their data to optimize the production processes.

Helio delivers full visibility and traceability across your production processes and uses your historical data pool and network of connected devices to create an AI-powered intelligent feedback loop that optimizes the reliability and traceability of your production processes in real-time.

  • Optimize industrial process parameters

  • Increase process transparency

  • Enjoy  highly reliable system

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