Photon: Deep learning powered industrial grade camera system

About DeepAtom:

DeepAtom aims to digitize, connect and optimize the physical reality for industrial environments by developing specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered computer vision solutions for industry that are intuitively embedded into the operational processes and the Internet of Things (IoT) system through a simple user-centered interface and a hybrid IoT infrastructure.


Baggage Handling Systems are continuously faced with a large number of jam-sensitive odd shaped bags that are not compatible with all parts of the intricate conveyor and sortation system. These bags can fall off or get stuck in the system which can severely damage the system and they have been identified as the primary root cause for critical incidents where 100s and sometimes even 1000s of bags get delayed (Newsworthy example: "Holiday flight chaos as Heathrow baggage system breaks down").

In 2018 around 24.8 million bags were delayed, lost or damaged globally due to issues relating to the Baggage Handling System and its operation. And although the criteria that make up jam-sensitive non-compatible bags and bag configurations are well understood by airports and their operators they are not always implemented in practice by the Check-in Agents and Baggage Handling Agents. 


DeepAtoms cutting-edge computer vision system enhances the effectiveness of the Baggage Handling System by automatically classifying and filtering out jam-sensitive non-compatible bags. Photon is powered by state of the art deep learning powered software that combines consistent visual classification with unparalleled traceability and consistency. Photon can be seamlessly integrated into your system and processes to optimize the performance of your Baggage Handling System. Photon automatically identifies and filters out odd bags that would lead to problems. Photon can be trained by Baggage Handling System experts and improves continually.


  1. Filter out jam-sensitive and incompatible bag configurations.

  2. Decrease the number of lost and delayed bags.

  3. Avoid unexpected downtime and damage to the Baggage Handling System.

  4. Automatically monitor the efficiency of your system and automate the reporting.