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Digitize, connect and optimize industrial environments.

About DeepAtom

DeepAtom aims to digitize, connect and optimize industrial environments by developing specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions that are intuitively embedded into the operational processes, mechanical infrastructure and software infrastructure through a simple user-centered interface, a light-weight design and a hybrid Internet of Things (IoT) architecture.

Our Solution

Photon​:  Deep learning powered industrial grade camera system

DeepAtom's cutting-edge computer vision solution called Photon can be trained with an intelligent feedback loop and by industry experts and improves continually. Photon can detect, locate and classify objects and characters of interest with near perfect accuracy

Unlike other machine vision solutions, Photon does not use template matching but instead relies on proven machine learning algorithms to identify, classify and localize objects and characters of interest.

Photon is powered by a state of the art deep learning algorithms and combines visual classification and localization with unparalleled traceability and consistency. Photon can be seamlessly integrated into your system and processes to optimize the performance of your system. The abilities of the Photon are further amplified with intelligent filtering mechanisms and user-centered software integrations.

  • Automate visual inspections and reports

  • Optimize operations through an  intelligent feedback loop